Vehicle tracking system

The Vehicle Tracking System is a system that tracks the vehicle and provides data on the vehicle location, driver details etc. The system enables active data logging allowing for quicker decisions, smarter vehicular movement and better utilisation of resources.

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  • Features
  • How does it work ?
  • Where It Is Fitted?
  • To order to monitor the vehicle and its whereabouts, vehicle tracking is very efficient in doing the same
  • Gives full vehicle control to the administrator
  • A vehicle is allowed with a specific driver on a specific route during the specific time only
  • If any of the parameters fail then the management can curb the movement of the vehicle and take control of it immediately
  • Vehicle tracking with a difference
  1. Full Vehicle Control: The administrator has the option to take full control of the vehicle by determining the trip details of the vehicle online. The trip data from the vehicle must match with the data entered by the administrator online. If they do not match, the vehicle will come to halt immediately avoiding theft, unnecessary driving or any manipulation of the route. The data includes driver details, vehicle route, and the trip date and timings.
  2. Accident Detection: In the unlikely event of accident, the collision is detected immediately and instantly an emergency call is placed to a previously confirmed number. Vital information about the magnitude of the accident would be sent via SMS. This will reduce emergency response times which could be life-saving.
  3. Irregular driving pattern: Previously collected data gives insights into the driving patterns. If the system can detect any anomalies or changes in driving patterns, driving under the influence of alcohol or drowsiness can be possibly noticed.

The system has SIM based real time tracking, wifi enabled cumulative data collection near-hubs and much more.

It is our own Sixth Sensor App which comes with an Android custom built hardware and shall be on the
dashboard for the driver to monitor his own progress.

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