Driver Evaluation System + black box

The system will evaluate the driver based on his driving pattern and give him a score for every trip. Based on this score, you can evaluate his

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  • Features
  • How does it work?
  • Where It Is Fitted?
  • Evaluating the driving pattern is core in determining the effectiveness of the driving
  • Gives number of automatic braking instances
  • Analyzing the obstacle at the time of braking
  • Tailgating the vehicle
  • Rapid acceleration and sudden braking
  • Sudden lane changes and ignoring the speed bumps
  • Positive greenzone counts where the driver maintains the alarm 1 safe distance
  • Not going over the desired speed limits
  • All adds up to driver evaluation score for a particular trip he has taken
  •  Score can determine his change in driving pattern over a period of time and better score and decide his incentives, thereby changing the driving habits and making them safe

The Driver Evaluation System is a score-based indicator of the driving skills of a person. Based on certain pre-defined parameters, the system awards and deducts points from the drivers score depending on how safe and fuel efficient his driving is. The system can also be programmed to adhere to a particular speed limit which is programmable acting as a Speed Governor. Finally, the driver is given a score out of 100. A pioneering system, this will change the face of driving and will keep drivers in check.

It comes along with the package of Collision Avoidance System with minimum additional cost.

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