Driver authentication

The system will authenticate the driver and only if the driver is in the database, the vehicle will move at the start of every trip.

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  • It is very important to know who is driving a particular vehicle on a particular route and is that driver authorized to drive
  •  To make sure that the driver is responsible for all the ups and downs during the trip and that the
    management knows who is behind the wheel
  • Driver enters his mobile number on 6th sense App
  • Only if the driver is registered user of that company, the backend will send an OTP to his personal mobile which he enters on the app
  • On verification of the OTP the driver is allowed to move the vehicle else the accelerator stays cut off until proper verification is done , making sure that the driver is authenticated

By giving a company access to driver data in real time, this system enables instant decision making and incisive insights into driving patterns. The system determines the situation when the automatic braking took place and rates the driver, compares auto braking instances with his own past record, enabling you to analyse his driving pattern. Other factors like sudden acceleration or harsh braking, idling count, over speed count are also factored in providing comprehensive and detailed graphs.

It comes along with the package of Collision Avoidance System with minimum additional cost.

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